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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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1HOM.                                                              119

15.        Khan (fof kham)»to    jaft       kau        l&k        pin     pha.
Word-only       filament spider transform become God.

K&a   phr$   phiik   rang   mung.
Jfew  f00&  «?Mfe uphold land.

Lai      liap      tl    pun        te-jau.
Many  island glaoe world  establisfawas.

Kkan*to    man    poi      jun       pin     pM*

Word-only   "he   ®g®in patter® 'become  &od*

Bing      lup      man     kh&m    koi      lung    pin        m&n    khral,
Thoitsand  smear Brahma gold     only       one   became Brahma,   egg.

20.         Pha     pin        phe      nai    din,
0-od become pervade   now earth.

Kliim-klum                  &k      shing   (sheng)   ngau.

Brightness-brightness    come-out         ray             light.

Khifi(khen)   klang      rau          nang         phrang.

Memain      middle in-the-air  like-what a-honey-cowb*

1.  Thus was it in the beginning time, ehaos below (and) in heaven,   Eirfeh was not.
2.  There was not island-land or earth below.
3.  Trees filled1 the earth In manifold layers.
4.  All was frozen.   Over the heavens no lord sat.
5.  In eafeh division (i.e. everywhere), the jungle was still and quiet.
6.  The forests fed upon the (?) collected fogs and frosts.
7.  God, by his word alone, became transformed (and created the universe)  like the
thread of a spider (i.e. as a spider spins his web).
8.  In the world was a country a thousand fathoms and leagues thick
9.  Thereafter He remained (at rest) for a time, and again remained afc rest for days.
10.  God knew, and considered, and said, * Let Brahma be created.'
11.  I know not (what) god or what deity (gave) the order, (hut) He gave him (to
us, and we) received him.
12.  (Brahma) remained unsupported in the air like a honeycomb.
13.  Therefore all the world was chaos.
14i. ifo umbrella-bearing (king) was seated (over the earth).
15.  God, by his word only, became transformed (and created the universe) as a
spider spins his web.
16.  A mass of white rock (i.e., Mount Meru) sustains the earth.
17.  There are in the world many islands.
18.  Again, by his word only, God became a pattern (upon which lie had deter-
19.  Only one Brahma, (who was like) a golden egg, became a thousand gilded
20.  He became God, and now pervades the earth.
21.  The rays of light that proceed from him are glorious.    *
22.  He remained unsupported in the air like a honeycomb.
* fTtyaii, literally, wag established, is usei throughout this ipeetmen to indicate put tim».*S|fft W&B/** *lon*.